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Re: Pottermore v.10

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Originally Posted by UnicornDust View Post
I started sometimes purposely spilling a bottle so that I could control the heat easier. Then I read somewhere that someone blew a cauldron from spilling a bottle and not picking it up, so I stopped doing that. However, I don't know if that person was correct about what made their cauldron explode.
I accidentally dropped one of the Valerian sprigs on the counter one time when doing the Sleeping Draught, and it failed me. It told me I put the Valerian sprigs in the wrong container. So it does look like being messy can fail you. And that happened after I'd waited the 100 minutes.

Regarding the heating, I've been able to get by fine with using the red button to heat up quickly, and then using the orange and off buttons to modulate the temperature.


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