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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Originally Posted by eliza101 View Post
Ah...but did he do this to undermine Voldemort's confidence or because he believed it to be the truth? The Third person omniscient narrator does not tell us, we have to make up our own minds as to Harry's motives here. Is he telling the absolute truth or is he playing Voldemort? Either way we are left to wonder about Harry's true feelings about Snape at this point in time. IMO.
Both. He most certainly wanted to shake Tom's confidence. But I think that he also wanted Tom to know the truth: that Snape was DD's man. You are correct that we don't know Harry's true feelings, but as I stated, I choose to believe that Harry started on his path of forgiving Snape at this moment. And I do think Harry believed what he was telling Voldemort. After all, Voldemort was an accomplished Legilimens - he would have known if Harry had been lying to him. But Harry honestly believed the truth in every word he spoke (at least, IMHO)

I personally find Dumbledore somewhat emotionally cold and detached. Although I have no doubts that he really did love Harry.
This is a great way of explaining DD. He does often seem to be detached from the feelings others around him have. In his relationship with Snape, I think he shows this many times, perhaps the most when he asks Snape to kill him. Well actually, he does not ask: DD tells Snape that Snape must be the one to kill him. He doesn't stop to consider what it might mean for Snape to have to do this unfathomable act; instead, DD just demands it.

However, other times in DD, we see a great sadness, even helplessness. It's like he knows what sorrow others must face and he knows he can do nothing to stop it. DD has a great mind and with that great mind, he often sees the potential outcomes of a thousand decisions months/years down the road. But with that knowledge, he often has to stand alone and lead others to do tasks that DD knows will hurt them (all for the greater good, of course). I find his relationship with Snape to be quite complex for this reason.


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