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Ok, THIS was the follow-up to Modern Warfare!! This week's Halloween episode was pure win. I loved Troy already but this episode sent my love for him through the roof. I really enjoy stupid Troy but it's nice to see him step up to the occasion. We've seen that a lot more this season. It's great to see him be more than the dumb jock.

Jeff as Beckham = so perfect. I called Shirley as Glinda the Good Witch. Troy and Abed's bromance is always great and this episode was awesome for that. Annie being pulled through the window was actually terrifying. Starburns' screaming when Pierce bit him made me laugh. Of course Dean Pelton would be Lady Gaga but play ABBA all night.

Only regrets?
1. Chang and Shirley. Ew. End of the world I know but...ew.
2. Not enough Pierce.

Other than that, this is without doubt my favorite episode so far this season. It might even come directly under Modern Warfare.

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