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Re: Is it okay to still read books meant for younger audiences as an adult?

I actually had this argument with my mum the other day. I was complaining that I didn't have a book to read so I went to the library with her and most of the adult books are romances and mystery books that I'm just not into. I kept trying to drift back into the young adult section but she spotted me and said I need to start reading adult books, even though I'm 17 and technically still a young adult. So I said that there weren't any good fantasy adult books and my mum grassed me up to the librarian who showed me where all the sci-fi/fantasy adult books are In the end I got one but I don't like it much so I'm forcing myself to read it as quickly as I can

I say read whatever you like to read, and if you prefer and want to read books that are supposedly aimed at a younger audience then you can. It's a free world and it's not going to harm anyone if you read young adult books when you're an adult


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