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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

Originally Posted by JLTucker View Post
This isn't proving that there aren't many decent composers who do not "chop up their own tracks and place little snippets of them throughout their score." I honestly do not have a problem with what Hooper did. Would you say it is uncreative for a television music composer to use created themes from previous seasons throughout the rest of the show?
Again, Hooper did not simply spread themes throughout the movie. He spread identical tracks throughout it. A musical theme can take many forms, a few notes, a longer arrangement, whatever. I have zero problem with Hooper building old and new themes into his soundtrack, and he did this very well in 'Ron's Victory', but simply regurgitating old material completely unchanged is kind of shoddy.

As to your question, I'd say it depends. If he's putting a new spin on the themes, creating new cues, scoring new music, then great, if he's recycling old tracks, then sure, it's uncreative, but the production constraints on a TV show are much greater than those on a mega-budget film. I expect a lot more from a 2 hour film score than a weekly television show. It's unfair of me to lay the blame squarely on Hooper, Yates obviously played a part in the score, but the end product was still very lazy at times. If you don't have a problem with it, cool, it's not like the repeated cues didn't fit, they just stuck out as being recycled. It annoyed me in Attack of the Clones, and it annoyed me in this movie. Why is a $250million movie skimping on the score?

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