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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

I voted B.

First of all I don't get why some fans complain about the romance/comedy of the film. Well yes there are lots of funny scenes but IMO the darkness was overwhelming. The sets, the lighting, the atmosphere and the cinematography...everything was extremely dark. The mood was gritty and ominous and I really loved that. My biggest complain is the lack of music. I just don't get that. They had a truly great soundtrack and they did not use it properly. Anyway, that's my only complaint.
I loved the beginning of the film. The Atrium flashback and the Death Eaters attack are probably two of the best scenes in the film. My personal favourite scene is Spinner's End. It's just perfect. Rickman, Carter and McCrory together. The rainy landscape was spectacular and the Vow scene was intense and chilling. I got the same dark and serious feel from the Train scene with Draco and the Gates and Dumbledore's Speech scenes that come next. With the exception of Luna's scenes and Ron eating, everything else had a very dark atmosphere that made this film feel so so different. In a positive way, of course.
Next I must mention that all Slughorn scenes were lovely. And extremely entertaining. Aragog's burial, the Slug Parties, the Potions lesson, the armchair scene and the Three Broomsticks scenes were brilliant. At the same time, the serious Pensieve Memories with Tom Riddle and the confession about Francis in Hagrid's Cabin were some of the most powerful moments in the series.
And Dumbledore's scenes. Oh boy. The lessons were amazing. Not to mention the spectacular Astronomy Tower-Cave-Dumbledore's Death sequences where Gambon nailed it. And Rickman's Snape was once again top-notch.
Another personal favourite scene is the Astronomy Tower Death scene. From the dark atmosphere during the invasion of the Death Eaters to Harry and Dumbledore's return to Draco's breakdown, Bella's taunting and mysterious aura to the final minutes with Snape shushing Harry and killing Dumbledore, I was amazed. It's a direct scene. No time to spend. 6 minutes of tension, twists and emotions. And it was brilliantly made, IMO.
The same goes with the Cave. This scene was almost 10 minutes long and it was masterpiece. From the mind-blowing special effects to the emotional breakdown and 'possession' of Dumbledore, I was shocked by its beauty. And the Inferi fight was chilling.
Now, about the romance and the comedy parts? Well they were entertaining and funny to watch. Quidditch was a great comeback, Lavender was extremely well-cast, Ron was f'cking hilarious and the romance with Ginny was awkward and sweet as it had to be. I found the romantic and funny stuff a bit overwhelming at times but overall they didn't overshadow the darkness of the Draco & Dumbledore scenes.
And about Tom Felton. Oh he was f'cking brilliant. The Sectumsempra and Dumbledore's Death scenes are beautiful to watch.
And about the omission of the skirmish at the end of the film. I don't think that seeing few people shooting spells in a corridor for less than a minute would be climactic. Actually it may have hurt the real climax of the film which was Snape killing Dumbledore. We can only guess about it but I was fine with the change.

All in all, probably the best film of the series. Excellent art direction, cinematography, acting and special effects. Lack of music in many parts and few plotholes in the story but these are my main problems. Romance is a bit too much in few moments but all in all it doesn't overshadow the darkness. The climax is not as action-packed as OotP's one but it's more action-packed than the ones in the first 4 films and yet it focuses on the emotional side of the film, Draco's mission and his final choice, Snape's double agent twist, Dumbledore's breakdown and death and Harry's desperation for the future journey that he has to fulfill.

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