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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

Originally Posted by Myrmedus View Post
My main gripes with the movie were:

- The Horcruxes weren't discussed or explained enough and there needed to be one additional memory of Voldemort's. I also felt a proper explanation of the prophecy, like in the book, should've come in these discussions.

- Harry/Ginny wasn't done appropriately for me. In the book it feels like these two are physically pulled together but in the movie it's more like Ginny being lecherous.

- Harry's positioning at DD's death; deviations are a part of movie adaptations, they're required in many cases and the three main cases are where the original scene is either: too costly to follow, too long or is simply cut. With DD's death scene Harry standing underneath had no reason that filled those criteria. They didn't save any time or much budget from this deviation from the book, and if anything it required more time because of the brief exchange with Snape - it was essentially pointless. The only possible thing I can think of is that somehow it'll be relevant to a scene in the DH movie.

- I would've liked to see SOME hint of a battle in Hogwarts at the end, they needn't have even shown it that much (since we miss most of it in the book's narration anyway) but at least shown the wake of it while Harry legs it through after Snape.

I didn't mind the Burrow Scene because even though it was irrelevant in a story context it was necessary in a cinema context - movie fans aren't the same as people who read books, they're used to be visually entertained almost constantly and the medium itself is considerably shorter with books taking days to read yet a movie being over in a couple of hours; this means an action scene near the middle of the book was needed and the Burrow Scene filled this slot.
I agree with your gripes here. I think that during the entire book DD was teaching Harry about the Horcruxes, getting to know Tom better and then showing Harry what Tom was capable of. To leave out this entire story line is bizarre. What is supposed to happen at the beginning of the next film. Is Harry supposed to figure this all out himself? Or is Herminone going to go and do the research over the summer, because they don't go back to school and she I don't see information on the Horcruxes being found in the local library.

I still don't like the burrow scene. The main reason that Harry and Ginny are stuck in the middle of a swamp fighting off 2 strong wizards. Are we supposed to believe that they're now equally matched to the adults?

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