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Re: What make-up are you wearing today?

Originally Posted by Luna_Luvr55 View Post
I know, me neither. (About the blush..) I always put it on my entire cheek. I can only put mascara on my right eyelashes well, because I'm right-handed, and I can't even get to my bottom left eyelash because of my nose... And with eyeliner, I start, my skin sort of gets stuck, I continue to add pressure to the crayon (that's what I call it), and it starts a route down my cheek, instead...
I have trouble with eye-liner too. I find it easier to use powder and a slanted brush, but usually I don't bother.

As for mascara I do both eyes with my right hand, you just have to twist your wrist a bit. An easy way to do the bottom lashes is to more blink into the brush rather than to actually brush mascara onto the bottom

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