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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Lord_Godric View Post
Who is to say it wasn't Snape's decision? Snape would have died for Lily -- or protecting Harry for Lily, and that is just exactly what he did. Also, as pertaining to Dumbledore, Dumbledore knew people would have to be sacrificed for the "Greater Good," it was a chance Dumbledore was willing to take himself, and a chance he assumed those who joined the Order were willing to take as well. Snape knew that his life was always in danger, and he took the risk that all other Order members (and Death Eaters for that matter) took when joining the War.
No one, because we really don't know. In previous posts there was much argument about this specifically. I would be very happy to know if it was Snape's decision, because I believe and agree with zgirnius, when she said, the book we read would still be the same and nothing would change if snape did not know. I agree with that. For me, though, it would mean Dumbledore showed Snape that respect and fully trusted him about making the right choices if he told Snape about the Elder wand. And even if Voldemort somehow got this information from snape, even then there are only 2 possibilities IMO and both will not aid Voldemort. One is for him to think Dumbledore remained the master and throw away the wand and the otehr would be to think Snape was lying to him and kill him and think he has become master of the wand.

Both cases he will fail; because only Dumbledore knows that Draco is the owner of the wand; not him and not Snape.

Dumbledore knew people had to be sacrificed for the greater good and I agree with you. All Order members too knew they had a risk of dying, as did Snape. But when it looks like a particular activity is surely going to have only one result and that is death and we have information in canon in the King's Cross Chapter that Dumbledore knew from the time Harry came back with the Prior Incantatem information that Voldemort would start his search for another more powerful wand, and he knows that Voldemort's obsession over the Elder wand rivalled that of his obsession with Harry, the question that has remained unanswered is

'Did Dumbledore let Snape die? or Did Snape choose to die?'

In both cases the book will not change, but it would IMO show the respect Snape commanded from the one man who literally ran his life for the past 18 years and to whom Snape remained completely faithful and totally obedient and fully willing to do anything for him.

Originally Posted by ComicBookWorm View Post
I think that Snape would have willingly accepted that he would die over the wand. He seemed willing to die in HBP over the vow, which was why Dumbledore had to plead with Snape at the end of HBP.
I agree, and it is because it would show that Dumbledore knew Snape would only choose right that I want Dumbledore to tell Snape. It will also tell me that Dumbledore did respect Snape, who IMO did enough for Dumbledore to command it from him.

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