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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Eeek! This is the first time (I think) I've been brave enough to post in a Snape thread ...

1. What do you believe Snape and Dumbledore's relationship was based on?

In the beginning for Snape it was based upon guilt for his actions and what his actions had caused - the death of the woman he loved. He wanted to repent for what he had done and the best way to do that was to work with Dumbledore. For Dumbledore, initially I think he saw that he had a powerful wizard at his command and could make sure that Harry was safe. In the last few years, I think they had a bond made from mutual respect for one another.

2. How do you think Dumbledore felt about Snape through the course of the series? Did his views on Snape change?

I think in the beginning I think Dumbledore was digusted by the pitiful state that Snape presented himself to him. He saw him more as a tool, a puppet that he could make do his biding. However, in the end he could relate to Snape (their stories, I feel, could be seen as similar), and respected him for what he had done to try and protect Harry.

3. How do you think Snape felt about spying for Dumbledore? Did he resent his job?

In some ways, yes, I think he resented it. He did things without reasons, and only began working for Dumbledore to protect Harry, and now his life was in danger in the most scary way possible. It's not easy being a spy, and I'm sure he never enjoyed what he did.

4. Did Dumbledore and Snape fully trust one another?

I think Snape trusted Dumbledore fully, but that Dumbledore didn't trust Snape fully. Dumbledore never told Snape about the Horcruxes, or gave any explanation towards that. He could have had other reasons for that, but it does seem like a lack of trust. Or maybe DD would have told Snape if it had been neccessary...I'm not sure.

5. Do you think Severus was jealous (in a sibling-type way) of Dumbledore's fondness for Harry?

Not at all. I think Severus was above petty jealousy like that.

6. Do you believe Dumbledore consciously saw the parallels between his own story and Snape's?

Yes, I think he did. He saw that he could relate to Snape's situation as his was similar. I think that's why he ended up respecting Snape in such a way.

7. Dumbledore and Snape worked together for years before Harry showed up. How do you think their relationship changed once Harry came to Hogwarts? Did it change once Voldemort returned in GoF?

Before Harry came to Hogwarts, I doubt they would have met very often, or as urgently. I had the impression that Dumbledore really didn't like Snape at this point. When Harry arrived at Hogwarts, Snape's job began properly. When Voldemort returned, Snape was under much more pressure as a spy and would have probably met with Dumbledore more often. I'm sure he was under a lot of strain, and that at this time it would have been harder for him to get along with Albus. I think this is when Albus became more fond of Severus and began treating him with more care and respect.

8. How would you characterize their relationship when Severus was a student? Do you think that Albus may have been aware of Severus’ interest in the Death Eaters while he was at Hogwarts?

I doubt their relationship went more than teacher and student. Dumbledore seems to know more than the other teachers and I wouldn't be surprised if he had known who all the future Death Eaters would be, at this point.

9. Do you think it's just a coincidence that Harry names the same son after both of these men, or do you believe that Albus and Severus are inexorably linked in Harry's mind? Does Harry see the similarities in them as well? Or is it simply that they both shaped and influenced his life - for good and bad - in so many ways?

I think they are both connected in what they did for the war and the defeat of Voldemort. Dumbledore was the only person who knew Snape's secret of loving Lily, and of his sacrifice to protect Harry. The two of them worked together in HBP and DH to make sure that Harry could win against Voldemort. As for Harry naming his child after them, well they both were two very influential men, and they both gave up their lives to save Harry, whether it was for the right or wrong reasons.

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