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Re: Crisis in Greece, the Euro Area and the European Union

Originally Posted by hemhem20X6 View Post
6. What do you think will be the consequences of this crisis on b) The European Union level

Oh no, could this affect the Schengen Area? Wait, no one seems to have heard of that. Link

Hm, could this affect how countries handle borders? Maybe they will want out of the Schengen Agreement if it's more profitable to have less open borders? But would countries lose tourism because of that? It's all so confusing.

I don't understand your concerns here. Why would countries pull out of Schengen? Schengen works between countries which don't have the same currency, and I don't think that it would make much sense to make the borders tougher again because of this.

I am genuinely intrigued - what makes you think so? Wndering whether I am missing something obvious here....


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