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Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by decarus View Post
They really need to pick a place to stay and stay there instead of wondering around. Then they could clear out that place and not have to worry about being randomly attacked all the time.
They did that initially at that camp outside of Atlanta. They got attacked there when the walkers moved out of the city. Now they're shuffling around in herds, so they could come across your hide-out at any time. But I agree it would be better to take over an abandoned house, fortify it, and keep a low profile. If it's as easy as hiding under a car, then I'd just keep a vigilant look-out with Dale's binoculars and hide in the house when walkers came near. Of course, you could never allow any walker to spot you first, or you're toast unless it is a lone walker you could kill. But the main thing is how do you get food? And water? Pretty hard to keep under cover and avoid all walkers if you have to forage for food.

Anyway, that was a huge tangent. I'm not bothered by them still being disorganized. They're in an apocalypse! They've just been trying to survive minute to minute.

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