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Re: 50 Books to Read Before You Die

Originally Posted by JJFinch View Post
People who've said "The Bible" - have you read the whole thing??
Actually, as it happens, yes.

I would add "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" by Louis de Bernières, "Fire Bringer" and "The Sight" by David Clement-Davies.
Personally, I'd add Njals Saga, replace Wuthering Heights with Jane Eyre, Money with London Fields, stick some George Eliot, Joseph Conrad and Thomas Hardy on there...

It's very Anglocentric, as well. It's obviously not supposed to be "50 English Language Books to read Before You Die", because The Bible, Anne Frank and Anna Karenina are on there, but I can't believe that English language fiction is so vastly superior to the rest of the world's that we outnumber it 47 to 3.

EDIT: OK, I missed a few others, like Dante and Cervantes, but it still is very Anglo-centric.

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