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Re: What do you have to explain to your friends and family who only see the movies?

I think the only thing I had to explain was why Ron was mad at Harry in GOF....and why Hermione was mad at friend didn't get it. I'm like...ummmm are you serious? Everything else they pretty much got..they don't ask about certain things because they don't notice anything missing in the first place.

I mean I've asked them...did you understand everything? THey usually say yes which is awesome. One of my friends actually...who is a movie only fan because he doesn't read...has his on theories and everything based off the movies lol. (Although someone let slip what happens to Dumbledore in the next one which made him upset...especially since Snape is his favorite character)

I mean it's amazing but from the movies alone he has some REALLY accurate theories...which shows how delicate the filmaker have been to the core of the story. He did say OOTP felt like it was missing something..and I told him about the whole Quidditch thing...but other than that :P

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