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Re: Why hasn't Voldemort had Aberforth Dumbledore killed?

Originally Posted by Hunter View Post
I wonder why when Voldy returned to the Hog's HEad that night, after beig refused the DADA job, he didn't kill the barman? I mean here Dumbledore just told Voldy that he was friendly with him. WOuldn't Voldy see Aberforth as a threat then, because he was just told he was telling Dumbledore information about who arrived at his pub?
At a guess, I'd say Voldemort didn't go back to the Hog's Head. He has other ways to communicate with his followers and probably signalled them to join him elsewhere. Or, being the merciless person he is, he may have left the Death Eaters at the pub to face whatever trap Dumbledore may have sprung on them. That's what Voldemort did with his followers who were caught in the Department of Mysteries.

I think you raise a good point, though. Dumbledore had just revealed to Voldemort that he has informers in Hogsmeade, yet the Dark Lord apparently didn't act on this. I wonder if the village has some protection we're not aware of... or maybe just Aberforth


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