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Re: Bleach: The Manga and Anime

Originally Posted by TheRealDJ View Post
Doesn't mean she's not hot.
Only problem was the episode wasn't good...
I actually liked the last episode (it's the episode before it that was "meh" for me). I found it interesting since it centered around those particular four (yay, Matsumoto!). I have no idea what this week's episode is about. I still don't have net access at home. Anyway, I've always been a fan of her, so that's more than likely why I liked the episode since she was the central character for that one. The thing with that spirit (I forgot the boy's name right off) is interesting too since there's more to him than what's being led on.

Originally Posted by godrics hollow View Post
i personally think all of the useless characters should be killed off
Now this I disagree with. This aspect annoyed me about DBZ a lot. Instead of finding something to do with the other characters (especially the ones who fought or were in Dragon Ball), they were pretty much rendered useless and support characters. Then again, that just made me like the "underdogs" more so since they weren't given much of a role for Z.

Anywho, I don't feel that they should kill out useless characters. As it's been pointed out, every character has a role, whether big or small. It's just like the Harry Potter series. Even if some characters were "useless" later on, they still helped the plot in some way, whether it was directly connected to the series' main plot, or one of the subplots. IMO, there's no such thing as a "useless" character and it really isn't fair to those who may be fans of these characters.
and the shinigami should have to do an amusing dance like goten and trunks back in DBZ to get powerful... because the old "We must keep fighting each other and we will be on par with the arrancar" is really stupid and old...
There really isn't anything that can be done that hasn't been done with some other series already without it feeling like it's being copied. IMO, the fact that they're having the Shinigami "train" like your average person, just shows that they have vulnerabilities, and aren't all powerful, high, or mighty and that they'll always have room for improvement, especially where Hitsugaya is concerned.

I can see this as a pro and a con. The pro is for the reason I mentioned above. The con, is the fact that we have to suffer through training episodes (which I've always found boring regardless of whatever series I'm watching, unless it's very brief [eps like the ones where Naruto was training with Jiraiya bored me]) where they do pretty much the same old typical thing and using the same old training techniques/philosophy (If we fight more, we'll gain more strength and learn more about our enemy!)

Seriously, though, what other ways could they train without it being tired and old? It's like the movie industry now-a-days. What film hasn't been done in some way or form? Most of what's out seems to be either a sequel or a remake. Most everything that one could imagine, has more than likely been done, so it's difficult to come up with something original.

Anywho, I found Ishida's training exercise quite interesting, since, to me, it was somewhat new. I still wish that they'd go back to his character. I'm curious as to what he's going to do next, now that he has his Quincy powers back. I'm wondering if he's going to defy his father (which wouldn't surprise me) and help out Ichigo and Chad to help out with Orihime later on down the line. Speaking of that, for the manga readers, what exactly is Ishida's role in that "Orihime Rescue Mission" or whatever...

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