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Re: Ask the Staff v8

Originally Posted by Verena View Post
Read-only? What a pity! There are some interesting topics that Id like to take part.

Anyway thanks.
You're welcome. And that brings up another question for Staff...

If a topic comes up in the Post-DH archives that a member would like to discuss, are there ways to discuss it in active threads? Or is the topic considered "dead"?

For example, can a member create a new thread on the same topic if it's not a Staff-created thread (as the Legilimency Studies threads are)? Or (if the thread IS in Legilimency Studies), can a member quote/link from the archived LS thread into the new LS thread to continue the discussion? And finally, if the answer to the above questions is "yes," are there additional/special rules for Snape threads?


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