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Originally Posted by nowhere
When I tried to upload my picture an error occurred. The file was too large, the limit was 100.0KB, and my file is 168.1KB. I am sure the size is less than 300x300 pixels; I'm not sure if that is related. How can I fix this?
-You can change the size till it's less than or equal 100KB.
(if you're not having the software sources, there's a list of programmes here)
- You can get an account at one of the free-image hosting sites, upload the pic there (make sure that hotlinking is allowed!) and then link to the picture url you get there. (a whole list of various free image hosting sites)


Strange happenings at Hogwarts - part 3 (now with spoilers)

Image removed - exceeds maximum file size.

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(spoiling how Harry will get rid of Voldemort)

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