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Re: What would you change about the films?

Originally Posted by adorey1 View Post
if i could change the films, it would be to change the representation of the character of Ron, who i've always thought has been misinterpreted unfairly in the films.

He became the comedic funny guy, which is ok, but the Directors really downplayed his strengths. He isn't half as cowardly as the films make him out to be. I hated that Ron didn't stick up for Hermione when Snape called her a know-it-all in the POA film and that Hermione nabbed his line of "if you're going to kill Harry you're going to have to kill us too". I also noticed that Ron's line of "he beat you!" that he yells at Voldemort was cut out in the last film, which is really irritating as i know that Rupert yells that line because i watched the b-roll footage!

I would also have changed the whole Ginny/Harry romance in the 6th film so that it wasn't as cringeworthy to watch. If Yates could have just stuck to the book, then it might have been ok.
I would have much rather have wanted to see a scene with Ginny leaning against Harry's legs, telling Ron and Hermione how she had told Romilda Vane that Harry had a hungarian horntail tattooed on his chest (especially as Ron says "i knew Ginny was lying about that tattoo in DH1!!!!), than have Ginny tie up Harry's shoelaces as if he were a six year old boy.
Everything you said.

I would hire a new scriptwriter who wasn't Hermione-obsessed. There would be no line-stealing and scene-hogging from Miss Granger.

Ron would be his canon self, get his lines and scenes back, and there would be real friendship moments between Harry and him post CoS.

The Harry/Ginny relationship would be foreshadowed (especially in OotP). All their scenes together from the book would be added and Ginny be given decent lines. Along with this there would be no Harry/Hermione or Harry/Luna or Harry/Any other girl (Cough Waitress) bonding scenes!

Harry and Ginny would get their book kisses, passionate and loving, not boring pecks!

The Marauders, their map, their identities and Animagus status plus the meaning of Harry's Patronus explained in the end of PoA.

That's what I can think of now. My main changes would be to Ron, Hermione and Ginny's character portrayal post CoS, Harry/Ginny's relationship, and cutting scenes like the Waitress, Harry/Hermione dance and Luna and the Thestrals.

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