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Re: What would you change about the films?

Originally Posted by DanaSnape View Post
More Snape. He never gets enough screen time. He's my favorite character and is played by the best actor in the entire series. Maybe if the screenwriter and directors realized what an important character he really would end up being, this would have been fixed early on.
I have probably turned into one of the biggest sanpe supporters since DH2(the book) came out!! Although I was moved by the final scenes in the movie, i was still left a little unfulfilled!!! He deserved WAY more action in the movies!!

Originally Posted by merrymarge View Post
Movie 6- I wanted to see more of the pensieve scenes and I didn't like the scene with Harry talking to that waitress.
I wanted the scene with the Gaunts too!! To see the other side(or any side for that matter) of Tom Riddle's family would have been cool!

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