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Accents in Films: The Good, the Bad and the Cringeworthy

Well, I've done a search and didn't find any thread specifically to discuss accents in films. Sorry if I just missed it, or if this topic is in the wrong place. Anyway, here goes.
For me, something that can ruin a film is a badly portrayed accent, for the simple fact that it is embarrassing and also that I'm going to be laughing rather than taking something seriously.With this in mind,
1. What country are you from?
2. Can you name some examples of what you consider to be good or dire attempts at your accent in films?
To go first, I'm Irish and two great ones that spring to mind are Cate Blanchett in Veronica Guerin and Jon Voight in The General. Fantastic, not overdone or clichéd and I think right on the money.
On the other hand, first thing that comes to mind when I think of bad Irish accents, Far and Away. No-one talks like that, absolutely no-one.

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