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Re: Electronic Readers

Originally Posted by xhanax315 View Post

How can a person read too much?
Absolutely agree. No such thing as reading too much.

Sure, um hmm. Yeah could I have the books you do have since you'll have them on the kindle anyway?
Nice try!! It's too expensive to replace books I already own.

Originally Posted by UselessCharmMaster View Post
Do you have an e-reader or would you consider getting one?

It's expensive and I doesn't like the idea very much (I just like the touch and smell of a new book...mmm...).
Pre-Kindle, I rarely bought a new book, so that argument doesn't work for me. And it's not like a new car smell, is it? DTB's = paper, dust, allergies.

What do you feel are the advantages or disadvantages of e-readers?

Advantages: many books in one. Disadvantages: as I said above. I like the contact with a real book. And a paper book doesn't need bateries, electricity, and such. And with my poor weary eyes, I can't imagine myself staring more hours into a screen than I do now.
May I say again that the screen is not backlit, so no glare. It uses e-ink which means no eye strain. It's like reading ink on a page.

Originally Posted by Grymmditch View Post
I sort of question the whole thing about ebooks being more environmental.

Everytime a new, better model comes out, the old ones will get discarded, and wind up in a landfill somewhere.
Not so. Most of us who have the first gen Kindle did not buy the K2 or the DX when it came out. Those of us who did (not me), passed the K1 on to their children or other family member. Some people always have to have the latest model of everything. I'm not one of them.

Also consider, in order to distribute the ebooks, one requires a wireless router or computer, which uses up still more electricity/energy, and are also made of plastics, as is the much of the infrastructure of the Internet.
Again, not so. The Kindle comes with built in Whispernet (free from Amazon), which means I don't need to be anywhere near a computer or wireless router. I have downloaded books in my car, waiting in line in a store, sitting outside on my patio, and I do not have a wireless router in my house.

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