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Re: Electronic Readers

Do you have an e-reader or would you consider getting one?

It's expensive and I doesn't like the idea very much (I just like the touch and smell of a new book...mmm...). But, as my job has to do with lots of books, I could consider buying one - but the condition would be the possibility of access to the libraries I need and possibility of copying texts I need (and that, I'm afraid, isn't going to be soon). But only for a professional purpose - as i use now a database or virtual library on internet. For my pleasure - a normal book, please.

What do you feel are the advantages or disadvantages of e-readers?

Advantages: many books in one. Disadvantages: as I said above. I like the contact with a real book. And a paper book doesn't need bateries, electricity, and such. And with my poor weary eyes, I can't imagine myself staring more hours into a screen than I do now.

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