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Re: Electronic Readers


Originally Posted by bellatrix93 View Post
Also for people who read too much I think it's better for their eyes' health to read from normal books.
How can a person read too much?

Originally Posted by nina__ View Post

Do you feel that e-readers change the nature of reading?
... would be that reading without actual books is like .. eating without food! Just that feeling of opening up a new book, that smell that there is to it, flipping through actual pages, the reality of all that.

I mean, honestly, doesn't it scare you guys how virtual the whole world is getting? You don't listen to CDs anymore - you have everything on your iPod. You don't go to the movies, because you have everything on your laptop. You don't talk anymore, because everything is happening online on Facebook. And now they'll have books on a screen, too?
Why even bother having a life if there is everything in a second virtual world, too? I just don't like the thought.
Exactly, which is why reading books should be one of the things left alone.

Originally Posted by Desraelda View Post
No, Amazon doesn't pay me a commission. I'm just a committed Kindle lover.

Any questions?
Sure, um hmm. Yeah could I have the books you do have since you'll have them on the kindle anyway?

Do you have an e-reader or would you consider getting one?
NO. I would never consider getting an e-reader. That's turning traitor against books, and I understand the fact that they're environmentally friendly, which is a plus considering I've very big on the saving the environment, but it's like wasting the books that are already out there, the trees which have already destroyed. Now, if they stopped making books all together, and continued making e-readers, then maybe it'd be a possibily, but until then I don't think so. Which even then I'd probably go hunting for all the old books.


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