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Re: Electronic Readers

Do you have an e-reader or would you consider getting one?

As many have already said they are too pricey right now. At the current moment I really have no desire for an e-reader. For leisure reading I don't think I ever will. I like the smell of a new book. I like physically turning the pages and putting my book mark in place when I am done reading. I don't mind that my books take up space. Actually I am quite fond of my book shelves. Also wouldn't e-readers make it hard to share books. My dad, neice, and some other friends like to raid my bookshelves when they visit, as I do when I vist them. This would not be able to take place if we all had e-readers. I also don't mind that a book may take up extra space in my suitcase or carry on bag when I am travelling. I lovingly make sure to leave room in my bags for what book(s) I may want to bring. And of course I pack them where they are easily accesible for my time of travel.

What do you feel are the advantages or disadvantages of e-readers?

A personal advantage for myself personally would be possibly for my text books in my college courses. Other than that I don't find a personal advantage. In general however e-readers may save on the usage and need for paper thus less need of taking down trees. So environmental these e-readers if they catch on big could help.

Do you feel that e-readers change the nature of reading?

I don't think I would find as much comfort in reading with an e-reader as I do an old fashioned book.

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