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Re: Have you ever got really angry/offended at a book?

Originally Posted by FurryDice View Post
And it shows. Controlling creep portrayed as the epitome of male brilliance? Check. This portrayed as the kind of man every woman wants? Check. (Although, to be fair, this is the media's publicity angle as much as anything else) Stalking portrayed as love? Check.
As for the part you mention, that repulsed me, too. However, I flicked through the book at random, and every time I opened a page, I found something that made me furious.
I'm glad I haven't read it, then. I'm glad I don't like romance novels; what what seems to pass as romance nowadays.

Also the abuse portrayed as lurve. Trying to change/understand/put up with an abusive creep portrayed as lurve. Stalking portrayed as lurve. It did seem very immature.
Doesn't surprise me to hear this kind of thing about 50 Shades when I've read and loathed all of these things in the Twilight books. I am shocked and dismayed by how popular these books are with young girls; to think that they'll grow up and enter into relationships thinking that how Edward treated Bella (How Christian treats Mary-Sue-What's-Her-Name) is how their boyfriends would treat them if he loved them.

No. That's called being an abusive control-freak, any which way you spin it.

Well,I've heard the movies have toned down a lot of the stuff in Twilight. Although they have kept that utterly creepy part where Edward damaged Bella's car so she couldn't visit Jacob. Yeah -just the kind of guy any girl wants. Creepy. Another offensive book, IMO.
They had to tone it down in order to maintain the PG-13 rating and not alienate the entire tweenage portion of their fandom. If it had gone to an R rating their audience would have been cut in half and their box office returns would have likewise diminished.

Also, another book (that I'm currently reading) that hasn't offended me but is getting me very annoyed in The Mammoth Hunters, part of the Clan of the Cave Bear series. No body talks to anyone in this book so misunderstandings that could be hashed out in a single conversation 5 minutes after the initial transgression drag on for 2/3 of the book. It's getting really irritating.

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