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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Originally Posted by wickedwickedboy View Post
I agree. I think everyone will interpret it distinctly. Snape was delighted to be able to drop the bomb on Harry, imo - but I didn't mean he was showing delight when he died. The delight he got to relish prior to that, since Dumbledore's death. But the other bit I spoke of referred to his feelings at the time of his death, imo. But remember I read the series and felt that JKR's assertion that Snape loathed Harry was true.
Well, I've read the series too.

I still dispute this idea that Snape was DELIGHTED about telling Harry he had to die, because this is absolutely nowhere suggested in the text, even from Snape's behaviour (and yes, I agree that Snape was a right git to Harry). We don't see Snape acting delighted about the prospect of Harry dying when he finds out from Dumble that Harry has to die. His reaction is cool, and then he gets very angry with Dumble about misleading him, the whole protecting Harry for Lily's sake thing.

But there's no suggestion that he's actually happy about Harry dying. Even if he can regard the idea with a certain amount of impunity, because he doesn't like the boy, I just don't see him being delighted.

Based on what I have read.

And I've read DH twice.

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