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Re: Little Questions Answered v14

Originally Posted by thewbacca View Post
I doubt that. The Aveda Kedavra curse does not kill instantaneously. Remember, both Sirius and Bellatrix laughed just after they'd been hit. It more simply stops the heart. No damage or anything, but the heart stops. However, with the elixer, you wouldn't really have any need for a heart, as both the brain and all muscles wouldn't need the fresh oxygen to survive.
Actually, Bellatrix laughed just before she was hit. I'll have to dig up my copy of OOTP to check Sirius. However, as far as I know, the curse used on Sirius has not been revealed. He died because he fell through the veil. Nor was the curse Molly used on Bellatrix stated on page and I don't recall that being mentioned by Jo in any of the post-DH interviews. She may have and I missed it, but as far as I know, neither of those deaths have been officially attributed to Avada Kedavra.

The other examples of Avada Kedavra demonstrate pretty much instant death. Frank Bryce toppled over and was dead before he hit the floor. Cedric's death was pretty much the same. Dumbledore's death was debated a lot because of Harry feeling like it was all happening in slow motion, but his death was pretty much instantaneous too - it's very common for someone witnessing a traumatic event like that to feel time has stopped or slowed down.

Something interesting about Bellatrix - it is described on page that her eyes bulged just before she died. That doesn't sound like Avada Kedavra, which leaves no mark or damage to the body. However, Bellatrix was also dead by the time she toppled over so there really wasn't a significant delay there.

As for the Elixir, I think your body would still function the same way. As I said above, my impression was that the Elixir merely extended life in regards to natural death from old age and apparently had some regenerative properties. It does not appear that the Elixir would prevent someone from dying an unnatural death - such as the Avada Kedavra curse, being deprived of oxygen, or suffering injury severe enough to cause death immediately or very quickly. But that is just my impression of it. As far as I know, Jo has not answered this question.


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