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Re: COS Forums: What's next?

Originally Posted by Alastor View Post
I've within about a year met with two laptops who refuse to play properly with Firefox. It looks right but works horribly slow with a speed of about 15% of what ie or google chrom does on the same laptop with the same ADSL connection. The first one worked for a year but started this game last summer. The second one did it from the beginning.

And the desktop works perfectly well with Firefox.

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Wow that's really weird... *scratches head*

I have a laptop myself and so far it hasn't had any issues, aside from a partial crash in terms of FF. Just had to turn off the accelerator and a couple of other things in order for it to not run the CPU so high...

As for Google, that's what I generally use, with the exception of Arry's site. Can't get the smileys to load without having to deal with an evol pop up ad. Ad Block Plus seems to do its job too well on it . i wish that it only blocked the ads, and not everything else... I don't run into that issue on FF. It blocks only what it needs to block. It takes a little longer to start, but once it does, it works ok for the most part.


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