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Re: Movie mistakes

Originally Posted by DeathlyH View Post
I noticed in CoS, when Ron and Harry open the door up to Hagrid's hut, a crew member is visible ducking out of view in the back of the cabin.
I've never noticed this. I always get too involved in the film I'll look out for it...

Originally Posted by DeathlyH View Post
Also, in PoA, this is an odd one. Between 17-18 minutes on the DVD, when Mr. Weasley is walking with Harry and telling him that Sirius is after him, they walk by a poster saying "Have you seen this wizard?" For just a second, a number flashes on the bare wall beneath that poster (it's on a pillar). It looks like 401.
On the bare wall? Wow, never noticed that one! I'd noticed the numbers on Sirius' poster change. That's strange.

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