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Re: Pottermore v.12

Originally Posted by katielouise View Post
Is anyone else having problems with the swelling solution? I have never had problems with potions before.
Now, I keep getting to the end bit, and when I start to heat the potion i get the pop-up saying it hadn't worked because I didn't keep the temperature in the correct range. The thing is, it happens when I've just turned the heat on, so it hasn't even had the chance to get into the right range! It's really frustrating me D:
The funny thing is that I haven't had any problem with swelling solution, but I have failed at making potions that I have made hundreds of times. Herbicide failed because of a glitch that is similar to yours, it said I did something wrong when I didn't do it. Antidote to Common Poisons failed because I stirred too many times. The counter was slow measuring the turns. And I had trouble stirring the Wideye potion and the timer ran out. Is anyone else having trouble with stirring?

I've decided not to make too many potions until Pottermore has fixed some of these problems.


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