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Re: Is there anything in the movies that you like more than in the books?

Harry and Hermione ravaging each other in DH1 - sexiest moment in the entire series!

Bathilda Bagshot came off extremely creepy in DH1 - the entire segment in Godric's Hollow was shot in a very moody, atmospheric way, both the emotion between Harry and Hermione at his parent's grave and then concluding with the crazy creepy scene at Bagshot's home.

"I'll go with you" - You all know the line! lol. Yates and Klove must have been massive H/Hr shippers because this one line transcended any other line in the movie and probably the series. Hermione is basically saying I would rather go off and die with Harry than live without him. Knowing everything she sacrificed for him, everything she experienced with him, it wouldnt have surprised anyone if Hermione was willing to die to protect Harry - but to put aside everything and everyone in her life and make the ultimate sacrifice not to SAVE Harry but just so that Harry wouldnt have to be alone when he died??? I couldn't believe the implications of this one simple line. To say that Hermione exemplifies courage and selflessness would be an understatement. lol.

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