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Re: Which Film Is The Darkest?

People tend to overlook the first two movies because they are overall brighter visually and don't feature as many outright dark scenes. However, think of Chamber of Secrets. Name the comedy it featured and I'm sure you won't come up with very much material.

Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince, in my opinion, are the two contenders. While Snape's Worst Memory was cut painfully brief, the part we are shown does convey the feelings a very tortured teen boy was going through. The Ministry was done very darkly as well. After Sirius' death and through Harry's confrontation with Voldemort ("...I feel sorry for you.") this sort of numbness falls over me. I can't even describe it. The scene in the office with Harry demanding Dumbledore look at him is very intense as well.

Yes, HBP had its comedy and romance, but neither elements were the main focus of the film. The darkness that is present is very eerie and sometimes disturbing. Frank Dillane's teen Riddle is just spine-tingling. The cinematography and music of the scene does wonders as well. Young Hero Fiennes-Tiffin offers an excellent performance as well. "Is that normal for someone like me?" It's not even that you're despising the character already at this point in his life. It's like you're pitying him and the situation he's in. You shiver at what he will become. At one point in his life, Voldemort was a child. The cave scene gives you a sense of imminent danger. Spinner's End is one of my favorite scenes in the entire film series. You really feel Snape's pain and if you look into Alan Rickman's eyes during his final "I will", you will experience something you can't even begin to describe.

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