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Re: Your writing peeves

I have a few.

1. Grammatical errors/ sentence fragments.
These can easily be corrected. I don't mind if there is a few in a good book. I find it acceptable for errors to be missed.

2. Poetry issues.
This could go with anything written and not just poems. On another forum I am a part of I've noticed a lot of people like to write poems that all revolve around love and wanting to die. I mean, there isn't anything wrong with that idea but they are all typically written the same way. There isn't beauty or sadness in it. I don't feel anything but cheesiness (not a word)

3. When people try too hard.
When it's obvious the person tries too hard. Like with gore, they go crazy and just kill tons of people. For instance, I might get haters but, I think J.K. Rowling went overboard with the deaths at the end. It felt rushed too me.

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