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Re: Your writing peeves

Let's see, I have quite a few so stick with me for a moment...

1. I work in a bank and I see a LOT of e-mails coming through my inbox every day, including e-mails I was CC'd on that are going out to bank customers. One person I work with, who happens to be very bright, has a bad habit of sending out e-mails to customers without a second read-through. Often, I'll read one of the e-mails and see numerous grammatical errors, unprofessional formatting, uncontrolled punctuation (e.g. "???????") and undeniable proof that they didn't even bother to press the SpellCheck button once before pressing Send.

This is a huge pet peeve for me because I tend to read through anything I send or post at least 2-3 times (yes, even posts on CoS or other forums). I don't just view it as a reflection on myself, I view it as a measure of respect for the people I am attempting to communicate with. Honestly, if you can't take an extra 30 seconds to reread what you expect someone else to follow, how can you say that you respect them?

2. I agree with the original poster regarding the comments on purple prose. Nothing annoys me more than excessive description when it comes to a character's physical appearance. Sentences that use "ruby red lips" or "crystal blue eyes" always get an extra eye-roll from me. What some writers don't realize is that too much description will do the exact opposite of what they intended. Most users of purple prose only want to bring the readers further into the story by providing greater detail, but instead they push the reader away by removing the much needed chance to fill in the blanks.

3. To and too; it's and its; their, there, and they're; sense and since; you're and your; etc.

4. "Common speak" outside of dialog. I've been finding this to be an increasingly larger problem over the years. Some new authors try to "write like they speak." If I find a good example, I'll add it here.

- Inigo

EDIT: I went back up and read another post (I believe it was 2 posts above mine) that mentioned Evermore, a book I recently finished reading. This reminded me of another pet peeve. It is incredibly annoying when an author becomes attached to a particular phrase or word and they can't seem to help but stick it into the book at least once per chapter. Just like the "I mean..." mentioned above, I noticed that a lot of characters in Evermore "pressed his/her lips together" in an exaggerated act of irritation. This also reminded me of how many Twilight characters were "chagrined" by something. A thesaurus is a great tool, I wish some authors would give it more of a chance.

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