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Re: Your writing peeves

Typos don't bother me very much as long as it isn't obvious. I can understand how hard it is to find every mistake and it's probably been edited a number of times.

Personally, I hate it when authors write the words "I mean," too much. (In first person)

Ex. I mean, why does she think she can act like that?

I'm currently reading Blue Moon, (sequal to Evermore) and though it's on the bestseller list and a really good book, I find it REALLY annoying how many times the author put writes I mean.

Like what was said above, too much detail is pointless and a waste of my time.

I was reading a book called Winter Solistice. The first 5 pages or so are discribing a ladys dog and her walk to town. Once she gets to town a guy randomly asks her to come to dinner with him and his wife.

Why does the author need to put all this detail in if it's meaningless? Unless it means something important then the author needs to learn to take it out. (maybe they should try reading 'The Elements of Style', and foucus on rule 17: Omit Needless Words)

Now I make many errors myself, so I'm not trying to be a hypocrite; those are just my pet peeves.


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