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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.5

Originally Posted by Morgoth View Post
Do you believe that Snape's soul was still intact after he had killed Dumbledore?
Yes, as he was doing a humane act in ending his life in a painless way. I'm a big supporter of assisted suicide. I know it can be rough on those who help end a life but it's very... noble, and selfless. I've got to say that this is the act that I most respect Snape for.

To what extent, do you think, are Snape's parents to blame for his later choices and to what extent are they his own responsibility?
I don't lay any blame on the parents for Snape's actions. They have their own blame for what they did to him. But Snape was responsible for his own choices, as is everyone else. There are a lot of parallels between Harry and Snape as children, but they turned out to be very different people because of the choices they made.

Do you think Snape would have moved on if Lily had not died? Would he have turned to the good side in that case?
If she had not been targeted, I doubt he would have switched over. I'm a bit surprised he didn't switch over sooner though, considering Lily thrice defied Voldemort... which means she would have been in mortal danger at least three times, and I'm sure Snape would have heard about this?

Why do you think Snape was so reluctant to approach Lily? Would he have been interested in her if she had not been magical?
I doubt he would have if she were a Muggle. He was noticeably prejudiced against Petunia.

How did Hogwarts effect the friendship between Snape and Lily? We see that up until fifth year they consider themselves to be "best friends", despite the house system. Do you think they both worked to maintain the friendship?
I don't think they were actually best friends up to that point, I think it was a title they kept out of nostalgia. I think the friendship had been falling apart since their first year. I imagine they both tried, to some extent, to make it work, but there's only so much you can from such opposite camps.

How do the revelations of DH impact your view of Snape's treatment of Harry and Neville throughout the series?
It didn't change anything. It certainly explained a few things, but it didn't excuse him. I don't think there's any defending the way he bullied his students.

What do you think about Snape's relationship with Dumbledore? Did they become friends or was Dumbledore a substitute father figure for him?
I think they were close friends and allies. I'd wager Dumbledore is the only person apart from Lily that Snape ever really cared for. He seemed to be pretty good friends with Lucius Malfoy but I'm not sure how strong that bond was during the second war.

Which elements do you think make Snape the most controversial character of the series?
He's a mixed bag. He did great deeds in the war but was bitter and he bullied his students. Some people forgive him, others don't. It's very divisive, and hard to balance out, to be honest.


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