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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.5

Originally Posted by horcrux4 View Post
Yes, I think the house system had a lot to do with their friendship breaking down. Although friendships do occur between people of different houses (ref. Luna and the Trio) students spent so much time in their own houses, not only in lessons but socially in their common rooms, that they got little chance to get to know people from other houses well. Severus and Lily would have had to make time to meet around the school which wouldn't have been that often.
We can't say this was the scenario for Snape and Lily. Luna made friends outside of her house and Harry courted Cho, kind of. Percy had a girlfriend from Ravenclaw, so we see that friendships were made, kept and lasted. Students didn't get locked up in their Common Rooms any more than Muggle students are locked up in their homes

I wonder whether, if Slytherin and Gryffindor had Potions together in those days, Snape and Lily took the opportunity to sit together? Their friendship seemed well-known to the other Gryffindors but I can't recall anything that says the other Slytherins knew much about it. I think it must have taken a lot of effort on Snape's part to maintain the relationship, given what his Slytherin friends thought about Muggle-borns

As Lily's friendship with SNape was known to her Gryffindor girlfriends I think it's kind of plain that it wasn't a secret. Maybe Snape didn't mention it to the other two kids in Slytherin who wanted to be Death Eaters, who knows what he mentiond to Slytherins who were not that bothered who he was friends with.

I think both. My take on it was that he felt Dumbledore already knew everything there was to know about him, so there was nothing he needed to hide. It must have been some relief to him to have someone he could be open with and let his feelings out.
We all need someone that we can be ourselves with.

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