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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.5

Originally Posted by The Mighty Morgoth
Do you think Snape would have moved on if Lily had not died? Would he have turned to the good side in that case?
Well I'm going to be pedantic here, but I do think it is an important point.

The 2 questions don't really make sense to me because they address 2 seperate points in the wrong order. Snape turned to the good side before Lily died - he came to Dumbledore when Lily was threatened. So asking the question:
Would Snape have turned to the good side if Lily had not been threatened?
My answer has to be no - but (there's always a but )I think given that Lily and James were prominent members of the order sooner or later they would have been targeted by Voldemort. I also think that given what Voldemort was like once James and Lily were targeted they were as good as dead. So the conclusion that I have to come to is that whatever the circumstances Lily would have died before Severus came to his senses.

Now to address the other issue:

Do you think Snape would have moved on if Lily had not died?
For me this is a far more interesting question and any answer will naturally be pure speculation based on inferences drawn from the canon and in any case my humble opinion.

Assuming that Voldemort has targeted the Potters but fails to kill them because Dumbledore's protection works would Severus have ever moved on from his position of unrequited love for Lily? It seems unlikely, because until Voldemort's demise all people with the name Potter would be targets of Voldemort and his death Eaters. The job of protecting the Potters would be ongoing, and Severus would be an undercover agent working for the Order as their spy in the DE camp. To me this does not give him much scope to move on. He has to carry on pretending to be that which he once truly was, and which he must now abhor; there is no way out for Severus. As a Death Eater it is a lifetime of service to the Dark Lord or death. As someone pretending to be a Death Eater it is a lifetime of pretending to serve the Dark Lord, or getting found out and being killed. So whichever way you look at it Severus was giving the rest of his life to protecting the Potters.

So - no, I don't think he would have moved on, but I do like to speculate on what may have happened if he had *points to link to fanfiction*


Even if everyone hates him for it, that's the sacrifice he's making. He's not being the hero. He's being something more.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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