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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.5

Originally Posted by Dobson View Post
I think the only way he would have turned to the good side would have been if he had gotten his way. If he had ended up with Lily. I'm really not sure what he would have done. Maybe he would have gotten progressively more angry that she had married James rather than feeling remorse for her death later on.
Hmm - If the only reason not to become a member of the most feared group of criminals would be a romantic relationship with the woman he wanted, that wouldn't speak well of Snape at all. Where are the moral objections to "torture, murder and coercion"? If having Lily as his partner was the only reason not to become the most dangerous kind of criminal, I doubt any promise not to become a DE would last long, even if Lily had stayed in Snape's life.


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