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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by MinervasCat View Post
Harry isn't even mentioned until the ninth memory, then only because it is Harry who Voldemort is targeting and Severus, IMO, knows Lily will die trying to save him. He doesn't describe him, he just dismisses him...but, I think we need to remember that this is the 20-something DE Severus who has litltle concern for human life at this time.
How does Snape know that Lily will die saving her child? I think he is also dismissive of what Lily wants, when he only asks Dumbledore to protect Lily. If he believes that Lily would die to save her child, surely he's aware that Lily's family mean so much to her. And that she would be devastated if anything happened to them.

Memory #11 is the first time Severus mentions Harry's "faults." "--mediocre, arrogant as his father, a determined rule-breaker, delighted to find himself famous, attention-seeking and impertinent --" Dumbledore tells Severus that he sees what he wants to see -- IMO, meaning he is looking at Harry and seeing James.
IMO, Snape's comments that Harry enjoys fame are quite malicious. Snape knows that Harry is only famous because of the night his parents were murdered, and he himself survived. Does he genuinely think that Harry likes that? DOes he genuinely think that he's the only one hurt by Lily's murder? I, for one, am uncomfortable with Snape's idea that Harry enjoys fame.

With the physical resemblance, IMO, it would have been difficult not to compare Harry to James, especially since he was very adept at rule-breaking and was impertinent (it can be argued that he was just taling back to Severus because of the way Severus talked to him, but, disrespect for a person in a positon of authority is impertanence).
And yet, oddly enough, Slughorn recalls a couple of times that Lily was cheeky, and ready to give smart answers. Perhaps Harry's cheekiness comes from Lily?

It was James and Sirius (and Remus and Pettigrew) who racked up boxes and boxes and boxes of detention cards. Severus' snark at Harry about that was nasty, but, I think we've already agreed that he was a nasty person. IMO, copying the cards also gave Harry a bit of insight into exactly what the Marauders were up to during their years at Hogwarts. Was this necessary? Probably not. But, there were a lot worse things that could have happened to Harry for nearly killing another student.
Harry noticed that Fred and George had a whole box to themselves in Filch's office in CoS. I very much doubt that means they were the only students punsihed by Filch in the first four years of their Hogwarts education. It simply means that they had a lot of detentions, and their cards needed more space. IMO, the same probably applies to the Marauders' detention cards. I can't imagine by any stretch of the imagination that for seven years they were the only students getting detention.

And the irony was, that it was Snape's spell that Harry used to nearly kill Malfoy. Pointing out James' and Sirius' faults is hardly an appropriate punishment when that is taken into account, IMO.

To carry that information was wrong, but, so was being a DE in the first place. Severus was doing his job. But, the carrying of the Prophecy does not, IMO opinion, make Severus responsible for Voldemort's interpretation of it anymore than a person who builds a sports car that goes 200 miles an hour is responsible when someone wraps that car around a tree.
No, but a person who hands a bomb over to a terrorist is partially responsible when that terrorist uses it to cause an explosion somewhere. People can drive cars without going at the maximum possible speed, a twisted megalomaniac like Voldemort is not going to shrug off a prophecy about a threat to his safety. Snape knew exactly what kind of person he was delivering that prophecy to.
Spying for an evil, twisted megalomaniac was a low, horrific thing to do, IMO, and "doing his job" is IMO, downplaying the seriousness of what he did. The prophecy mentioned someone who could vanquish Voldemort. Snape was not an idiot, it's canon that he was quite intelligent, he knew perfectly well what Voldemort did to those who opposed him.

We know Harry was much better than "mediocre," which means "average," but, we also know he was incapable of Occlumency because he could not control his hatred for Severus.
In the text, Snape does not explain how to do Occlumency - all he says is "Close your mind". He doesn't give any information on how to achieve this, or reference any books Harry should read on using Occlumency.


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