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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by SoOriginal View Post
I don't think 'overcoming anger' is a trait Snape possessed in large quantities. Maybe because he is - like Harry - very stubborn.

Could Harry not have made the first move to go over and apologise - and if he did, would Snape have gotten over the fact that he looked into his Pensieve? I don't know. With all that going on with Umbridge and Dumbledore not being in the castle, I think Snape would have had enough on his mind, and the anger would have just fed his frustration even more.
Good point.
Maybe Snape would have stayed angry regardless.
Harry apologizing--I don't know. For any other teacher, he probably would. But for Snape, is it stubbornness? Or is Harry scared by just how angry Snape is, that he knows an apology would be useless anyhow.

Either way, yet--they are both stubborn.

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