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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by SadiraSnape View Post
Nope, Harry went into his first Potions class with a dislike for Snape, partly conscious, partly subconscious. He knew (or thought he did) that Snape made his scar hurt at the feast the night before; he had also had the nightmare in which Snape figured prominently. True, Snape jumped on him with both feet, but I personally don't feel he asked anything out of the ordinary -- plenty of classes I've been in, day one the instructor has picked out people and asked questions. It's generally to gauge the level of knowledge in the class.
Harry noticed his scar hurt when Snape looked at him. Seems like a coincidence he was just trying to make sense of.
As for his dream--I'm not going to fault him for that. People can't control what they dream about.

In my opinion, what happened in the classroom was nothing but Snape wanting to taunt and embarrass Harry, "the new celebrity." The boy sat in his class looking just like James Potter, and holding lots of people's respect--things that were in no way whatsoever Harry's fault. Snape simply couldn't stand it, and used the opportunity to be a bully. That's how I see it.

Was Snape absolutely fair in asking all the questions of Harry? No. Was it fair to expect Harry to have at least cracked the book before school started? Absolutely. I still believe it was a mix between taking Harry down a peg or two (whether he actually needed it or not) and demonstrating to the other students that Mr. Potter was not the Repository of All Wizarding Knowledge and Ability some may have thought him. Given the level of adulation he had in the WW, I think it was a reasonable thing to do. Did Severus do it in a subtle, discreet manner? No. Was it a valid concern? I think so.
Differences in opinion then. I don't think it's a teacher's responsibility to take a student "down a peg or two" before knowing anything about the kid. I think a reasonable teacher should start off treating all student fairly. I just don't think Snape treated Harry fairly right from the jump. JMO.

Oh--and as for expecting Harry to have at least cracked the book before school--Nah. I bet the only one who did was Hermione. These were 1st year students, some of whom came from Muggle households and had no idea what to expect. How could any teacher expect them to know the material already? I'm not from the wizarding world (lol) but I know in my classes, no one was expected to have started studying the material already unless given summer instructions to do so. The first years weren't given any summer instructions. In later years, they were. But not in the 1st year.

I don't think, though, that it's very profitable to the discussion to have a He Started It! No, He Did! argument -- it will bog down the thread and is ultimately unresolvable, IMO. Neither one of them should have hated the other based on the evidence they had to begin with -- there were errors in judgment all the way around.
Well, I apologize if you think my comment wasn't profitable to the discussion. I was just expressing an opinion based on someone's response that I read on here...I thought it was ok to do so...Everyone else here expresses their opinions and point out parts of the book they feel help support it. I just think Snape "started it" with the way he treated Harry in his first class with him, which says something about Snape's character to me. Everything about Snape's character is unresolvable, which is why these threads go on so long...

Originally Posted by SoOrginal
See, that's where I can't bring myself to like Harry - or even excuse him for being a kid. He invaded a man's privacy - and why? Because he wasn't pleasant to him? From Snape's point of view - if THAT doesn't prove that young Mr Potter believes at some level that the world must go around him, then what would?

Even if you want to dismiss that as Snape acting out of angst and not behaving like an adult - IMO, Snape was scared that Harry saw his memories. He was obviously hiding a lot in that Pensieve in case Harry broke through the barriers in his mind. He was hiding all those memories with Lily in them. He was hiding his love for a 15-year-old student's mother in there.

And he didn't really know how much Harry Potter saw. He could only guess - may be hope that he didn't see much more than his 'worst' memory - that he didn't read too much into it. I think Snape wouldn't want to get too close to the boy after that. For 2 reasons:

1. Snape was emotionally battered. He doesn't want Lily's son to know he was in love with his mother. Too much explaining - especially when the boy in question has proved time and again that he can't really keep his nose out of anything that - he believes - concerns him.

2. He was teaching Occlumency to Harry because he had a connection to Voldemort. As a spy, there's only so much he can risk Harry knowing. Terrible as he was at shielding his mind, if Harry knew - and in turn Voldemort knew - that Snape still loved Lily, I don't see Snape spying, or for that matter even surviving, for much longer. And again, I don't think he was afraid to die. He was scared that the whole plan would be compromised by his dying or not being able to spy.
And I think everything you said is true and valid! Snape had reason to be mightily ticked off. But he also had reason to understand just how important the Occlumency lessons were and how strongly Dumbledore felt about Harry learning. Was this asking too much of Snape--Dumbledore came to think so.

This actually raises a new questions for me. Being as skilled at Occlumency and Legilimency as Snape was, couldn't he have checked to see how much Harry had seen? And upon realizing that Harry hadn't seen too much, he could have continued the lessons if he could have overcome his anger.
And even if Harry had seen too much, wouldn't that have been all the more reason for making sure Harry could successfully do Occlumency (so Voldemort wouldn't see)?

Plus, Snape well knows how curious and sneaky Harry can be. I've seen some people say Snape trusted Harry to not go in his pensieve. But I think Snape just got distracted (something going on with Umbridge), and he forgot he left it out in Harry's presense.
Was Harry wrong of looking? Of course--but that's Harry's character, isn't it? Curious.

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