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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by silver ink pot View Post
Harry couldn't possibly have hidden all those memories in the Pensieve, and if he had, then what would have been the point of learning Occlumency in the first place? I don't really understand that point. Dumbledore or Snape could have obliviated Harry, too, and sent him to Australia, as Hermione did with her parents, but I don't think that would have helped them defeat Voldemort.
Removing a few of his more personal memories would not defeat the purpose, IMO. Harry was fifteen, there would still have been years worth of memories to practise Occlumency with.

Originally Posted by SoOriginal View Post
Fred and George bullied Ron, James and Sirius bullied Snape, Sirius bullied Kreacher - are those 'darker impulses' too? IMHO, bullying and being nasty cannot be compared to being a death eater and follower of the dark path. And frankly - even if Snape had a clean slate and had never signed up with the DEs and had been part of the order from the start etc etc - he's still be a bit of a snarky git. JMO.
If it's wrong for Fred and George, James and Sirius to bully others, it is also wrong for Snape to do so. Furthermore, I would personally expect a higher standard of behaviour from an adult than from teenagers. I totally agree that bullying cannot be compared to being a Death Eater, and yet, it so often is. However, DEs were certainly a very particular, twisted type of bullies, IMO.

Originally Posted by leah49 View Post
Why is that plausible? Just because Scabbers ends up being one? I don't think it's a common thing in the wizarding world for someone's pet to actually be an animagus so excuse me for not thinking that's what Snape is thinking.
I agree. Out of all of the students' pets at Hogwarts, why would Snape suspect that Trevor the Toad was secretly an Animagus? Plus, this was before Scabbers was revealed to be Pettigrew.


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