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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by SoOriginal View Post
Atleast he wouldn't ever use an unforgivable on a student to 'teach' them!

Nor would he transfigure them into a ferret to make them learn. Or would he?
Well I don't know about that, just like Fake Moody, he was a Death Eater quite a while. I don't about you, but I wouldn't put anything past an old Death Eater. I know that our boy Snape was supposed to leave that all behind him but he indulged quite a bit of his darker 'impulses', like when he bullied Neville and Harry. You can take the man out of the Death Eaters but you can't always take the Death Eater out of the man.

I agree. His world-view since the first fall of Voldemort was a product of Lily's death. But I also think that, because of her death, and because he felt he was responsible for it, and because he promised Dumbledore he'll protect the child of the only person he ever loved - he denied himself even the smallest pleasures in life.
Well he was responsible for his part in the Potter's death. If he sentenced himself to a life of denial, I kind of think that was a bit arrogant. If Snape made himself that miserable that he shared the misery around that was not very healthy. Well IMO anyway, but the truth is that I dont think he was that way. I think that he took a whole lot of pleasure in his bullying of the kids in his class. It's one of the things I don't like about the character. Nobdy can sneer that much and not get pleasure from it. And Snape sneers a whole lot.

IMO, Sir was always the scared and awkward teenager at heart - he didn't want to get close to anyone else because he couldn't risk getting hurt anymore. For a person who looks and talks like Snape, it's really easy to make everyone around you hate you, and only grudgingly respect you for the work you do. It was his defence mechanism.
But lets face it. His looks were in his own hands. He chose his own clothes and he could have washed his hair more often. Heck he could have even gone to get his teeth whitened and a nose job. I always got the drift that Snape just didn't give a hoot about the way he looked. Maybe he figured that beauty is only skin deep. His was buried a lot deeper than that. He did have some, deep, deep, deep down.

How I interpret Canon - Snape never really had a relationship with anyone at all, did he? Lily didn't work out, and so he wept for the rest of his life? IMO, that's really, really sad. Especially considering the number of fangirls ready to throw [STRIKE]our[/STRIKE]themselves at our tragic hero .

EDIT: And it sort of just struck me: What Dumbledore says in the first book applies to Snape SO much - "It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live."
Oh sweetie, Snape would be hell to live with. All that weeping, you'd be covered in mold and who would want to be with a man that would never want you and only spend his time mooning after a dead woman who didn't want him in the first place. Not that I blame her for that. Who'd want a man that called you a (insert racial insult of choice.)

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