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Re: The Giver and other books by Lois Lowry

I love The Giver so much! It was, and still is, very thought-provoking, and I can honestly say that it changed the way I look at life. I had to read it in 6th grade, and the only required reading book so far that has even come close to matching its supreme awesomeness in my eyes is And Then There Were None, which I had to read in 8th grade.
I'm planning on reading Gathering Blue and The Messenger, later. I've heard they're good...
I also had to read Number The Stars in 6th grade, and its very good as well. But for a book about WWII and the Holocaust, it seemed somewhat less mature than The Giver to me...

A Summer to Die is another book by Lois Lowry that I've read and liked. It's a story about a girl named Meg whose sister Molly is very different from her. However, her sister eventually gets sick with leukemia, and Meg's world will never be the same... Highly recommended!
(And on a side note, another book with an ordinary kid dealing with a sibling with leukemia is Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick. It has a different, more modern and sarcastic feel than A Summer to Die, but is still very recommended.)

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