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Re: Collector's Edition

Here's a list of errors in the collector's edition.

Pg. 40 - Dumbledore's Commentary on Hopping Pot - The word "flames" is repeated (ie. 'flames flames') for no apparent reason.

Pg. 78 - Dumbledore's Commentary on Fountain - Armando Dippet is misspelled, spelled ?rmando Dippet. (Not sure what the first letter is, its definitely not a capital A, see the beginning of Malfoy's letter on the opposite page to see what a capital A should look like.)

Pg. 156 - Tale of the Three Brothers - "Tnd so Death took the second brother for his own." They misspelled "and"?

These errors are not in the standard edition.

No excuse for this in such a short book especially one so pricey. Scholastic needs to replace these.

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