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Re: Fan Scripts: Harry Potter Remakes

Originally Posted by crookshanks15 View Post
I love the rewrite, good job. Its much better. I will read the next scene you just posted tomorrow, I dont have time to do it now.

I think I'm too protective of my work. Once I've written it I don't want it to go. But something has to or it will be nearing 4 or 5 hours. I'm fine with 3 hours, but would prefer the shortest with the most in it. It's going to be horrible when I try scripting OotP.
I decided to leave the Vanishing Glass for the moment and am now trying to cut the letter arrival scene. It's funny because I told myself that I would have scenes in between them unlike 2001-PS-Film, but I've cut the desruction of Dudley's toy's, I've cut Mrs Figg, I've cut the uniforms and any mention of Dudley's or Harry's schools (should that go back in?).

All together I've cut 3 pages of scenes in between these two.

I decided to compare timings with the 2004-PoA script I have in the same format.

By the time 'The Boy Who Lived' is over, Harry's on the Knight Bus.
Harry meets Ron and Hermione the same time he meets the snake.
Dementors are attacking by the time the Petunia and Vernon finish their talk about the letter.

Though, I always think the beginning of the HP films have been rushed
On a bright note, I've gone from 26 pages to 18 for up to the first letter.

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