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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

Originally Posted by Muggle_Magic View Post
Personally, that's what I understood when you said that if you were a woman and someone called you "sir", it would make you feel equal to men. In my mind, it implies that being called "ma'am" would make a woman feel inferior. Guess I misunderstood.
The keyword is "feel." As I said, females will never be considered equal in any society, especially in America. It's the sad truth. Our politicians just don't care. There still isn't an equal pay law, which is a downright shame. Religion also comes into the mix in regards to fundamentalists, who think women should submit to their husband's will. My stepfather is an example and it really, really upsets me.

Originally Posted by Muggle_Magic View Post
I don't get the "strawmanning" thing here. Nor why (if it's true) "a lot of people hate feminists." Can't wait for a female voice to come in on this either.
The strawman is that I apparently said that no female officer can equal a man's accomplishments unless they are addressed as "sir." I said no such thing. I said I would "feel" equal and I put that comment into the context of what I was thinking at the time, that females will unfortunately never be considered equal.

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