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Re: Remus John Lupin: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Madron View Post
Personally, I could not understand this. He knew what he was getting into by consenting to marriage. He is a lot older than his wife, who we saw nothing but support him. While Tonks would have needed him during her pregnancy he wallowed in self-pity and self-loathing. Moreover, he knew how much Harry suffered from not having a proper family. I lost a lot of respect for Remus in DH.
I don't think Lupin ever really left tonks. Left for a few days; saw Harry; Harry knocked some sense into him and he went back.

Now that we have DH, we can see clearly that this is what Lupin does. In POA, he leaves his teaching job. It also puts everything that happened in HBP in perspective.

It now seems clear to me that after Tonks was injured in OOTP, she started talking about getting married, with Lupin. Lupin freaked out, and much like he went to Harry in DH and offered his services, he went to Dumbledore and offered his services. Dumbledore not being the kind, sweet figure a lot of people thought he was, saw the opportunity for a spy and overlooked the fact that Lupin was obviously running away. It also fits in with the fact that Tonks would not look at Dumbledore at the beginning of HBP, she was probably furious with him.

The pregnancy was obviously a mistake and given the time line, I figure she was probably pregnant when they got married, but they were both unaware of the fact.

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